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Cabloor raised flooring for the management and sales department of Golkar Trading Company

In this project, Cabloor access floor with a finished height of 6 cm and an area of 470 square meters has been implemented. The office sales section includes three electric service boxes for cables. The kitchen part, PVC vinyl tile flooring is used, and for the rest, 50×50 tile carpets are used as the final covering. Access to the cable channels is available throughout the space.

Project Area

470 sqm

Project Duration

2 Days

Project Type

Open plan office


Video of the project

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Cable Management Flooring


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Cabloor flooring, responding to market demands, began production of the latest polymer raised flooring in 2020. Customers love Cabloor access floor due to its simple appearance, quick implementation, high quality and the ability to provide easy access to cables and facilities in the subfloor.

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