Benefits of raised flooring

  • The false floor is a type of floor covering with a specific height that is installed on the floor of the building and its use is to hide the cables and installations on the floor and organize the space.

    1. It keeps cables out of sight.
    2. It provides easy access for maintenance.
    3. It allows flexibility for updating office layouts.
    4. The floor can be air conditioned helping to keep spaces warm or equipment cooled.
  • Raised flooring systems are an essential component in creating flexible, modern office spaces, in particular open plan office layouts.

    In addition to offices raised flooring is useful in:

    1. Exhibitions
    2. Schools & Universities
    3. Shopping Centres
    4. Call centres
    5. Hospitals
    6. Libraries
    7. Stations & Airports
    8. Factories

    and the list could go on….. Any space where there are a large volume of cables and you would benefit from ease of maintenance and flexibility.

    1. The core components of Cabloor flooring are polypropylene making the floor lightweight.
    2. Each module stands on 64 pedestals as opposed to the 4 pedestals of traditional raised flooring systems making it very strong and able to withstand high loads.
    3. Cabloor flooring has access channels helping to keep cables organised.
  • Cabloor raised flooring can be removed and reused in another office. The cost of labour for removing and replacing the floor is minimal.

  • One of the positive specifications of the Cabloor raised access floor is its lightweight and easy installation, the weight of the Cabloor system is 14.4 kg per square meter.

  • The modular has dimensions of 60 x 60 cm and consists of 1 Unipanel, 4 Flank caps, 1 Base Connector, and 1 Central Cap.

  • For each square meter of space, about 3 Unipanels, 12 Flank caps, 3 Central Caps, and 5 Base Connectors are used.

  • The cable channel in the cable system is 10 cm wide and 6 cm high, which has an average capacity of 70 network cables (CAT 6), and therefore the entire office space becomes a continuous duct.

  • The Load bearing capacity of the Cabloor system is more than 4 tons per square meter.

  • The execution speed of Cabloor raised access floor per person is between 70 and 90 square meters per day. The execution speed is more than twice that of other raised access floor samples.

  • The Cabloor system is suitable for electronic laboratories and advanced technology laboratories, but it is not suitable for chemical and medical laboratories. Other uses of cable include beauty salons with equipment, beauty and treatment clinics, laser technology laboratories, quality control units of industrial environments, and educational spaces such as universities and technical complexes.


Raised Flooring Usage

  • It is designed for indoor spaces, get in touch with our flooring specialists and we can recommend the best option for your indoor or outdoor project.

  • We recommend using PVC or carpet modular tiles (with a minimum thickness of 4mm) to allow easy access to the floor beneath. We work with a range of suppliers of flooring surfaces to help you to find a flooring surface to suit your design.

  • It is recommended to install Cabloor raised access floor in a flat area.

  • Yes, Cabloor raised access floor can be installed in residential space as well.

  • Yes, ceramic tiles can be installed on Cabloor through the dry application of ceramics, and access to electrical and network cables is still possible.

  • Cabloor raised flooring system is for indoor spaces and due to the need for the floor to make sure it is level, it cannot be used in spaces such as roof gardens and swimming pool areas. For use in open spaces (outdoors), other products from Cabloor company should be used. To receive information, advice, and orders, you can contact Cabloor specialists.

  • In general, Cabloor raised access floor can be used in these spaces if antistatic carpets are used. This raised access floor is suitable for medium-sized data centers and is not used for heavy telecommunication cases.


Specifications of Cabloor raised access floor

  • Cabloor flooring has passed fire tests.

  • The cabloor flooring comes as a single height (6cm), designed to allow sufficient space for cables and pipes whilst keeping maximum ceiling height.

  • Cabloor flooring is composed of 4 main components:

    1. Unipanel
    2. Base Connector
    3. Flank Caps
    4. Central Caps
  • You can pass more than 40 cables in each channel and you have extra space under the main panel if required.

  • Yes, raised access floor covering and tiles can be changed easily.

  • Yes, by sending your project specifications to our experts, get their help and easily purchase the amount you need.

  • The amount of time from order to cable installation is three working days.

  • Payment must be made in cash and before delivery of the commodity.

  • Currently, Cabloor raised access floor is only available at 6 cm height. But soon, a height of 8 cm will also be available.

  • You can coordinate with the sales team to visit the central showroom.

  • No, Cabloor raised access floor has a fixed height of 6 cm, which requires a flat surface or a leveled floor to be installed.

  • The prerequisite for installing Cabloor raised access floor is a smooth surface or a leveled floor, which can be done using low-grade ceramic tiles or floor-leveling mortar.

  • One of the most important features of the Cabloor raised access floor is its portability. Based on this, rental companies and industrial sheds will be able to use it temporarily, collect it again and move it.

  • Installing Cabloor raised access floor in existing buildings can be done in two ways:

    a) destruction or re-flooring

    b) using a ramp after the entrance door

  • The main parts of this product are polymer and steel, so the cost of maintaining and repairing the cable system is zero.

  • Cabloor has a replacement warranty system for 10 years. (except for cases of use and installation contrary to the approved standards of Cabloor)

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