// Cabloor Raised Access Floor, Cable Management Flooring

Cabloor is the leading Manufacturer of Low profile Raised Flooring solutions

Cabloor Access Flooring is designed to enable Organisation and Accessibility to cables

Our Supply and Install service covers the entire contract including Specification, Manufacture and Installation

Cabloor Cable Management Flooring

Raised access flooring is highly recommended in areas where there are a large number of elements running under the floor. Routing the cables through the channels in the floor means they are fast to install, easy to re-route and safely hidden away.

Developed for Class A commercial buildings using the highest quality finishes Cabloor flooring is a state of the art flooring system. As well as offices Cabloor raised flooring is a perfect fit for Schools & Hospitals, Shopping Malls & Hotels, Airports & Stations, Museums & Exhibitions….


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The revolutionary design of Cabloor with a grid of access trenches allows efficient management of your cables and pipes. The structure is composed of 4 interlocking elements allowing quick and easy installation.

High durability, Cabloor flooring can withstand loads of more than 2 tonnes making it a perfect choice for commercial applications. Cabloor is at the forefront of smart building solutions.

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    Cable Management Flooring


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    Cabloor flooring, responding to market demands, began production of the latest polymer raised flooring in 2020. Customers love Cabloor access floor due to its simple appearance, quick implementation, high quality and the ability to provide easy access to cables and facilities in the subfloor.

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    Address: Fettes House, Wellington Road, London, NW8 9SU
    Phone : +44 203 289 6265

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